Weekly Roundup 00: A Curated Linkfest For The Smartest People On The Web

Weekly Roundup

1. Forecasting Principles website summarises useful knowledge about forecasting so that it can be used by researchers, practitioners, and educators.

2. Infinite Uncertainty “If you have to choose between two alternatives A and B, and you somehow succeed in establishing knowably certain well-calibrated 100% confidence that A is absolutely and entirely desirable and that B is the sum of everything evil and disgusting, then this is a sufficient condition for choosing A over B. It is not a necessary condition… You can have uncertain knowledge of relatively better and relatively worse options, and still choose. It should be routine, in fact.”

3. How Randomness Rules are World and Why We Cannot See ita series of articles on the neuroscience of chance.

4. Economics Theory Adapted to Trace Brain’s Information FlowScientists have used a technique originally developed for economic study to become the first to overcome a significant challenge in brain research: determining the flow of information from one part of the brain to another.

5. A blot from the Blue Brain Seed Magazine has got video of a great talk by Henry Markham, the director of the Blue Brain Project which is developing the world’s largest simulation of networks of individual neurons in an attempt to understand the large scale dynamics of the brain. Their ambition is to be able to run a simulation on the scale of the whole human brain within a decade

6. True and False Memories a New Paper Many people believe that emotional memories (including those that arise in therapy) are particularly likely to represent true events because of their emotional content. But is emotional content a reliable indicator of memory accuracy? The current research assessed the emotional content of participants’ pre-existing (true) and manipulated (false) memories for childhood events.

7. Psychological Research on the Net Psychological Research on the Net is a fantastic meta-list of online psychology experiments.

8. Riskand Reward Compete in the Brain: Battle That familiar pull between the promise of victory and the dread of defeat – whether in money, love or sport – is rooted in the brain’s architecture, according to a new imaging study.

9. Learning from Past Presidents in Moments of Crisis – Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin talks about what we can learn from American presidents, including Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon Johnson.

10. Short Course on Behavioral Economics (Class Listing)– We posted earlier this course on behavioral economics via edge.org with this link you can see how many classes have been posted on the website, as well as their corresponding topics.

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