Voting your way to happiness.

Here is a short article from the Freakonomics blog, on attitudes and voter turnout. (Click here to skip the introduction and read the Article)

Article Introduction (Via Freakonomics):

The theory of Julio Rotemberg, an economist at Harvard University, who thinks the major utility of voting might be that it makes us happier by helping us feel connected to people with whom we agree. The argument in Rotemberg’s new working paper, “Attitude-Dependent Altruism, Turnout and Voting,” relies on two assumptions about human nature: that we act more altruistically towards people who think the way we do, and that our well-being increases when our opinions are shared by others.

Article Excerpts (Via Freakonomics):

“This could explain why turnout is so much higher in close elections. In a close election, voters are anxious to have their opinions validated by picking a winner.”

“Rotemberg’s theory might also explain why some public figures — Oprah, for example — are so influential.”

Click here to read the Article

Click here to read the full working paper on Attitude Dependent Altruism and Voter turnout

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