How Habits Work: An Illustration

If you are a fan of the book, “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg then you will like the following illustrations.

How Habits Work

Via Personalsuccesstoday – Originally found at PowerofHabit


Overview of the Book The Power of Habit – By Duhigg

Visualizing The Power of Habit By Duhigg by Lisa E. – Via

How To Change A Habit – By Duhigg

How to Change A Habit – Via Angelikapiwowarczyk – Originally found on Power of Habit Website


How To Create A Habit – By Duhigg

Creating A Habit – via Angelikapiwowarczyk – Originally via Power of Habit


Habits, Willpower, & Decision Making – via FossConsulting

Via MakeAPowerfulPoint – Originally available on FossConsulting


Stages of Habit Formation – via FanxingKong

Stages of Habit Formation via FanXingKong

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