Video: The Evolution of Trichromatic Color Vision (Physics, Evolution, Chemistry)

Talk about a multidisciplinary video this one has it all…..from Isaac Newton & Darwin to modern genetics.

Video Introduction (Via MIT World)

Sometime around 100 million years ago, when the continents of Africa and South America were still in touch, a female primate — one of our ancestors — was born with the capacity to see in vivid color. Jeremy Nathans describes the fortuitous genetic event that gave rise to this evolutionary leap, and links an ancient biological timeline to his very current research in human color vision.

Nathan’s talk, spanning eons and disciplines, starts with Isaac Newton’s astonishing 17th century experiments into the physics of colored light, and his prescient guess that the human brain could somehow translate colors the way it interpreted sound vibrations. The physiology behind vision didn’t coalesce until the 19th century, when a picture emerged of photoreceptor cells, with rods for night vision and cones for color. 20th century science finally cracked the photochemical mechanism behind light sensing.

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