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Ancient wisdom traditions have deep resonance in these uncertain times — not that there’s more suffering than ever before but that more people are aware of suffering. Now that humans are capable of relieving needless suffering, we’re discovering our positive potentials for great happiness and innate goodness. (¿Have you heard the saying? “Train your mind and change your brain!”) Might you already be a bit Buddhist, and not yet realize it?

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Gary Gach is an author, editor, translator, poet, and teacher. Buddhism provides an excellent job description for his multi-faceted calling in life: generalist. Since the appearance of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Buddhism, there are now 100,000 copies in print. His seminal anthology, What Book? Buddha Poems from Beat to Hip Hop, featuring 350 selections from 125 contributors, is the recipient of an American Book Award, and is now in a its third printing. He’s brought out three books in English by Korea’s unofficial poet laureate: Flowers of a Moment (Northern California Book Award, Translation), Songs for Tomorrow: 1961-2001, and Ten Thousand Lives (second printing; with an introduction by Robert Hass).

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