Video: Persuasion- The Psychology Of Belief

Ignoring the mission the author has towards debunking religion…this is a nice review on the psychology of belief.

Psychology of Belief, Part 1: Informational Influence Click Here For The Video

How can 2 billion believers all be wrong? Simple. The more believers there are, the more efficiently they generate more believers.

Psychology of Belief, Part 2: Insufficient Justification (Click Here For The Video)

In the previous video, we learned how peer pressure leads to public conformity. Now we shall see how public conformity can be turned into genuine belief, even when the belief is embarrassingly false.

Psychology of Belief, Part 3: Confirmation Bias (Click Here For The Video)

Presentation of the principles of confirmation bias and belief perseverance. The natural human tendency is to seek out only the evidence that supports what we already believe, and to ignore evidence that may debunk our beliefs. We also tend to cling to beliefs even after the original evidence which put it there has been debunked. This is the essence of belief perseverance.

Psychology of Belief, Part 4: Misinformation Effect (Click Here For The Video)

In this episode, we learn why personal testimony is universally regarded as the weakest form of evidence. Yet despite this fact, personal testimonies are heavily emphasized among religious circles anyway. That says a lot about the value of truth among religious circles, doesn’t it?

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