Video: On the Pleasures and Sorrows of Work

Buffett recommends taking a job with someone you admire.  He follows that by saying you should pick a career where you can tap dance to work. In other words, you should pick a  job as if you were already independently wealthy.

Joseph Campbell would recommend following your “bliss.”

I say “know thy self” first  & then be true to yourself.

Introduction (Via Fora.Tv)

For most people the word work is synonymous with jobs, labor and occupations. The things we do to pay the rent. The mundane routine can often overshadow the nuances of the work that we do. In this talk at RMIT in Melbourne, philosopher Alain de Botton reminds us of the importance of appreciating the details of work and workplaces. In this way we can have a greater understanding of the impact our daily tasks have on culture and society, or perhaps decide that it’s time for a new career.

Brief Speaker Bio (Via Fora.Tv)

Alain De Botton – Alain de Botton is a British writer and television producer who employs a philosophical and accessible approach to examining a variety of subjects from the abstract–love and happiness–to the material–architecture. In August 2008, he founded an unconventional new educational establishment in central London called The School of Life, which offers intelligent instruction on how to lead a fulfilled life.

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