Video Conference & Papers: How Can Behavioural Economics Improve Policies Affecting Consumers?

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Below are my favorite topics

Session 1: Behavioural economics and consumer-related policy: tools and objectives

9.40-10.00 Prof. Matthew Rabin Video Clip
University of California, Berkeley
How can behavioural economics help consumer-related policy?
10.00-10.20 Dr. Amelia Fletcher Video Clip
Chief Economist, Office of Fair Trading, UK

Session 2: Framing and choice

11.30-11.50 Prof. Dan Goldstein Video Clip
London Business School
Defaults, choice architecture and choice overload
11.50-12.10 Prof. Botond Koszegi Video Clip
University of California, Berkeley
Time and decision: the taste for instant gratification

15.20-15.40 Ms. Mary O’Dea Video Clip
Consumer Director, Financial Regulator (Ireland)
How to overcome the endowment effect and encourage consumers to switch: a case study from the Irish Switching Code

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12. April 2010 by Miguel Barbosa
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