The Science of Trust

Thanks to the Situationist Blog I found an article on the science of trust. The article originally appears in the Boston Globe and follows the story of con man -Christian Gerhartsreiter.

Article Overview (Via Boston Globe)

Recently, behavioral scientists have also begun to unravel the inner workings of trust. Their aim is to decode the subtle signals that we send out and pick up, the cues that, often without our knowledge, shape our sense of someone’s reliability. Researchers have discovered that surprisingly small factors — where we meet someone, whether their posture mimics ours, even the slope of their eyebrows or the thickness of their chin — can matter as much or more than what they say about themselves. We size up someone’s trustworthiness within milliseconds of meeting them, and while we can revise our first impression, there are powerful psychological tendencies that often prevent us from doing so — tendencies that apply even more strongly if we’ve grown close.

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08. September 2008 by Miguel Barbosa
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