The Political Economics of Secession

I’m a follower of the Marginal Revolution Blog written by Tyler Cowen. Recently, Cowen posted a link to a paper on the economics of secession. I admit the article is a long read, but it helps develop an understanding of the political strife in some emerging markets. (Click here to skip intro and read full article)

Article Introduction: (Via Marginal Revolution)

Secessionist movements present themselves to the global public as analogues of colonial liberation movements: long-established identities are denied rights of self-determination by quasi-imperial authorities. Self-determination is presented as the solution to the challenge of peaceful coexistence between distinct peoples. The global public not only accepts this message but reinforces it: both Hollywood and diasporas relay it back to populations in developing countries

Click here to read the introduction on Marginal Revolution (read this first)

Click here for the full article as a PDF

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15. September 2008 by Miguel Barbosa
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