The Paradox Of Temptation

I am linking to this article for those of us facing an array of temptations. Whether it be trading vs investing or eating one too many donuts- knowing how we are designed to cope with or succumb to temptation provides the key to self discipline and achievement.

Article Introduction (Via We Are Only Human)

There is a saying in many addiction recovery programs that goes like this: “If you keep going to the barber shop, eventually you’ll get a haircut.” Translated that means, stay away from temptation. Hanging around saloons or chocolatiers or raves or racetracks—name your poison—just increases the odds that your self-control will fail you someday.

But is this true? Does the mere availability of something tempting weaken the will to resist? The answer is of more than theoretical interest to public health experts, and the problem goes far beyond serious addictive disorders. Just think of all those Christmas cookies in your office recently. As our national obesity crisis shows, difficulties with discipline and self-control are widespread and harmful.

Article Excerpts ( Via We Are Only Human)

“Does the mind keep desire flat for as long as the temptation remains an option?”

“They found that, as long as they had the option of blowing off work for play, they continued to dampen their urge to play. It appears the mind protects itself against succumbing to temptation for as long as it must, and it does this by devaluing what’s most available.”

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