The Joy Of Doubt!

Charlie Munger talks about the ability to survive the investment arena by “killing his own best ideas”. Following this, Bruce Berkowitz  in his recent interview with the Washington Post says that he also spends a great deal of time trying to kill his best investment ideas. Well since this is such an important idea I present today’s article- an interview with an expert on doubt.

Article Introduction (Via Neuronarrative)

The word doubt has gotten a bad rap in our time.  Widely considered the bleak counterpart of belief, that most cherished of virtues, it’s the Darth Vader of thought, decidedly on the dark side of the force.  But for those who dare to strip away the husk of pop culture platitudes, religious jingoism and revisionist history — the real story of doubt becomes clearer, and its essential service to humankind far more evident.

Arguably no one has done more work to unravel the genuine story of doubt than award-winning author Jennifer Michael Hecht.  With scholarly insight honed scalpel sharp, she takes us on a journey through the history of doubt, at times a force of opposition, at others a force of enlightenment — but always a force that has driven humanity beyond insular thought no matter how established or anointed.  Jennifer Michael Hecht recently spent some time discussing her thoughts on doubt, science, history and happiness with Neuronarrative.

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10. December 2008 by Miguel Barbosa
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