The 7 Dimensions of Wisdom

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The concept of wisdom is as old as human civilization. It implies that the greatest challenge that each of us faces is ourselves. Sophia is the Greek word for wisdom, and in mythology was personified as a goddess. Wisdom was also personified as a woman in the Judeo-Christian tradition in the book of Proverbs. Wisdom is a stream that flows through every culture. It reconciles our innermost thoughts and strivings with the social and physical realities in which we live. Wisdom is a concept of which every person has an intuitive grasp, but which almost everyone has difficulty explaining clearly and concisely.

Meanwhile, through the social sciences, we have identified behaviors that seem to consistently lead to success, especially in businesses and other organizations. We call these behaviors competencies. Competencies have now proliferated to such a bewildering extent that the simple yet profound concept of wisdom again seems reassuringly appealing. The SOPPHIA model organizes the plethora of competencies into 7 Dimensions of Wisdom, and provides a framework that facilitates coaching and self-development efforts.

The 7 Dimensions:

What the acronym SOPPHIA represents

Each letter in the acronym SOPPHIA stand for one of the 7 Dimensions of Wisdom. Here are the seven with a brief description of each:

Self: competencies related to self-awareness and self-management

Others: competencies for understanding others and managing relationships

Purpose: competencies related to commitment to a vision of excellence and to producing results

Presence and management of time: the ability to be effectively present and to manage time

Health: competencies related to healthy practices, such as work/life balance

Innovation: the ability to use creativity to produce value and wealth

Assurance beyond reason (faith): the ability to endure and persevere when it may seem reasonable to give up

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