Steve Jobs Lecture – Stay Hungry & Stay Foolish

A year ago or so… several value investors posted a transcript of Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford. Here is a short clip of the speech, in which Jobs recommends students to stay hungry and foolish if they wish to succeed as entrepreneurs.

Video Introduction ( Via Long Now Blog & Alexander Rose)

Back in June of 02005 Steve Jobs gave the commencement speech at Stanford.  I heard about it second hand from several people who said he quoted Stewart Brand at the end.  But until I came across this video today, I had not heard or seen it.  The whole thing is an excellent talk, and may be a good stand-in for those of you suffering from the disappointment in the lack of Steve at the last MacWorld.  Look for the mention of the Whole Earth Catalog and Stewart at 12:50 into the talk.

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15. January 2009 by Miguel Barbosa
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