SimoleonSense is coming back!

Dear Readers,

I am excited to announce that SimoleonSense is making a comeback. After spending a year traveling, learning new skills, and working on freelance projects, I have (with the help of many of you) come to the conclusion that curating and creating multidisciplinary content is still one of best ways for me to add value to others. As such, I have 2 goals with this letter:

  1. To describe what I’ve been working on outside of SimoleonSense
  2. To describe my vision for the relaunch of SimoleonSense

What I’m Working On Outside of SimoleonSense

Currently, I am prototyping tools for value investors with the hope of improving various aspects of security analysis. Specifically, I am interested in simplifying investigative activities like subsidiary research and channel checking. With some luck I’m hoping to release these ideas as minimum viable products over the next few years.

Also, due to my interest in software startups I am moving to the Bay Area (in May) where I will continue to search for projects, startups, and people operating at the intersection of:

  1. data/tech & journalism
  2. data/tech & finance/investing
  3. data/tech & open government

The New SimoleonSense

My vision is that the new SimoleonSense will still center around “multidisciplinary thinking and discovery” while also providing niche content in several  areas that represent my core interests (see here).  Because it’s still too early to tell what types of content will take hold my plan is to begin curating content several times a week and reorient myself based on traffic and your feedback.  As always, I will choose quality over frequency even if it costs me popularity in the blogosphere.

In 2013 working on SimoleonSense took a back seat to other opportunities that I wanted to pursue. This year my goal is to reinvent the blog. Stay tuned for more updates and as always thanks for taking the time to support my endeavors.

-Miguel Barbosa, Founder & Editor of

P.S. Please email me at miguel @ with your ideas about improving SimoleonSense.

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10. March 2014 by Miguel Barbosa
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