Sendhil Mullainathan: Behavior and Energy Policy

Abstract (Via Science, Vol. 327, Issue 5970, pg. 1204-1205, 2010.)

by Hunt Allcott and Sendhil Mullainathan

The article discusses energy efficiency, human behavior, and research on both. The authors opine that behavioral sciences can be used to develop business and policy innovations. The article discusses relevant research investigations. The propensity of people to forego using cost-effective energy technologies by conserving energy is noted. Thus, the relevance of non-price based energy-use strategies is established. The company OPOWER is noted along with its research on behavior programs implemented at the household level.

Sendhil Mullainathan Background

(Via Wikipedia) is a Professor of Economics at Harvard University. He was hired with tenure by Harvard in 2004 after having spent six years at MIT, first as a junior faculty member and then as a full professor. He is a recipient of a MacArthur Foundation “genius grant” and conducts research on development economics, behavioral economics, and corporate finance. He is a co-founder of the MIT Poverty Action Lab and most recently of the think-tank Ideas42. Mullainathan is also a Research Affiliate of Innovations for Poverty Action.

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