Self Reports: How Questions Shape Answers?

So what does a paper on self reports and interrogation techniques have to do with investing or decision making?  Well, quite simply its all about the scuttlebutt. This technique (a concept pioneered by investor Phil Fisher) is also known as channel checking or fact checking. The simple goal is to understand something by questioning key decision makers and stakeholders. But questions can be leading and trigger confirmation biases in interviewee’s.So given the potential predicament I’m linking to a paper that should help you become a better interviewer.

Abstract (Via Michigan)

Self-reports of behaviors and attitudes are strongly influenced by features of the research instrument, including question wording, format and context. Recent research has addressed the underlying cognitive and communicative process, which are systematic and increasingly well understood. I review what has been learned focusing on issues of question comprehension, behavioral frequency reports, and the emergency of context effects in attitude measurement. the accumulating knowledge about the process underlying self reports promise to improve questionnaire design and data quality.

Click Here To Access The Paper: Self Reports: How Questions Shape Answers

Related Paper (via Michigan)

Asking questions about behavior- A review of how respondents arrive at behavioral reports, with implications for questionnaire construction

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