Nassim Taleb In Conversation With Rolf Dobelli

Background (Via Wikipedia)

Rolf Dobelli is a swiss novelist & entreprenur.Dobelli’s specialty is the intersection between business and fiction. The major themes in his work include the search for meaning in the workplace, the meaning of success and the role of randomness in life. His fictional questionnaires and aphorisms on these topics have been reprinted in several newspapers and magazines. Critics and readers have praised him as “a new language in German fiction” Weltwoche and one of the few fiction writers who thoroughly understand the business world, from both an academic and practical point of view. The novel Himmelreich has been praised by several critics as a new Homo Faber (novel), and Dobelli is often compared to Max Frisch in terms of style.

Excerpts (Via Fooled By Randomness)

1. Nassim, why are you using fiction in a nonfiction book?

2. The human mind is wired for stories and has difficulties with facts and abstractions. Any speculation about why this is so?

3. Some people say your writing is arrogant. Is it you? Is it just your writing style? Is it that today’s readers are not used to opinionated statements any more?

4. How do you handle personal attacks?

5. How is religion connected to your “discipline” of chance and cognitive errors (unless, of course, you interpret Blaise Pascal’s wager in a statistical sense)?

6. You prefer nonacademic thinkers to academic ones. Why? I see brilliant people on both sides. Shouldn’t you draw the line between financially dependent and independent thinkers (academic or not)?

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