Job Posting: Super Intelligent Investors Looking For Entry Level Analyst

One of my close friends is looking for an entry level analyst to work with his buy-side firm in Chicago. My friend works at one of Chicago’s most respected investment firms. Unlike other shops, this firm has permanent capital and is only constrained to investing intelligently. They invest in equities, debt, and derivatives around the world and have an amazing track record. He asked me to help him find an analyst and that leads us to this post.

My Opinion:

If you are a recent college grad with a passion for investing – have read all of the value investing classics and have a firm grasp on accounting -this would be a dream job for you. Think of this job as a 21st century version of Warren Buffett getting a job with Ben Graham. Meaning, this job would expose you to global equity research as well as other types of research (debt, options, etc) making you a unique and well rounded investor.


You think like a value investor and have common sense.

You already have a firm grasp of accounting and a reasonable understanding of equity valuation.

You prefer long-term career success to a fancy salary and sign-in bonus.

You are not a finance/econ major who believes in efficient markets.

You do not have an MBA.

You are entrepreneurial – meaning you are willing to wear many hats.

Formal Job Description:

A Chicago-based proprietary trading firm is looking to add a junior trader/analyst to the long/short desk. The long/short desk specializes in relative value and event driven trades globally. The role calls for having a fundamental analysis background, being self-motivated and having a passion for the markets. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail are critical. The long/short desk covers many different markets and an eagerness to work off hours is expected.

The ideal candidate has a passion for investing and a Bachelor’s degree with strong record of academic performance.


If you are interested please email the following:

I would recommend sending a resume, cover-letter, and an investment writeup.

Disclosure: I did not receive any sort of compensation for this post.

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13. May 2014 by Miguel Barbosa
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