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I haven’t posted in a long time but a close friend of mine is looking for a junior analyst and I want to help them out.  If you are interested email me at miguel @ with your resume, cover letter, and contact information.  I will pass your information forward and my friend will contact you if they are interested in going forward.

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Take a look at the job posting below: 

The ideal candidate would be more junior. While the candidate does not need to have direct experience in the investment management business, they should be fluent in financial statements and be competent in building basis models. Non-traditional candidates (such as journalism or engineering) would be looked upon favorably, so lack of a finance degree would not be a disqualifier.

The candidate must be a self-starter and have the initiative and drive to make the extra effort in ferreting out information on companies. The candidate must understand value i.e. get excited as things get cheaper. A non-US centric view of the world is a major plus.

The day to day duties are straight forward. Doing deep dives into companies that may qualify for inclusion into the portfolio. Learning about different business models, interviewing management and pestering everyone you can think of for scuttlebutt on the company in question. Compensation will be reasonable. The job is in Chicago so no telecommuting is possible.

Any introductions would be much appreciated, please feel free to pass on this email to potential candidates to respond directly.

Next Steps

Email me at miguel @ with your resume, cover letter, and contact information.


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11. January 2016 by Miguel Barbosa
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