Interview with Amanda Cox: Visualizing Information at The NYT

I’m happy to share with you my second conversation hosted at

In this conversation I talk with Amanda Cox, Graphics Editor at  The New York Times. We talk about the process of creating visualizations at the NYT. Amanda is one of the superstars in the field and you can find many of her visualizations here.

A couple of insights  from the conversation include:

1. Keep your objective in mind.

Are you designing something to educate, entertain, enlighten, make decisions.


2. You are only as good as what you throw away.

Iterate, cut fat, and don’t be afraid to leave things out.


3. Distributions are more interesting than averages.

Respect data, understand that averages often disrespect what is truly happening in the world or in your story.


Click Here To Listen To My Conversation with Amanda Cox, Graphics Editor, at The New York Times


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15. February 2013 by Miguel Barbosa
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