Update: I Redesigned Simoleonsense & I’m Cancelling The Weekly Roundup

Dear Readers,

I would like to update you on several changes impacting this blog. If you are a regular reader I recommend reading the entire post. If you are short on time skip to parts 3 and 4.

Part 1. Revisiting 2012

To start off, 2012 was a fantastic year for SimoleonSense. We had approximately a quarter of a million visitors and our subscriber base climbed to 10,350 readers. Throughout the year we managed to launch 50 weekly roundups and start a podcast. The podcast was made possible by the kind donations of 22 readers.

Personally, 2012 was a year of volatility. I ended a 7 year relationship and quit my job as an analyst at a hedge fund. Although these decisions were challenging I learned an important lesson (see part 2) and I’m very grateful (for everything that has happened).

Part 2. Lessons Learned

This year I learned about the importance of taking action and being authentic. I was with a wonderful person but we had both changed. Likewise, I worked with the highest caliber individual(s) but I was unfulfilled. I now see that both situations resulted from a lack of self honesty.

My latest realization is that I am unhappy with SimoleonSense. Simply put, I don’t enjoy posting the weekly roundups. The weekly roundups don’t add enough value (to you) and they exhaust time which is better spent creating original content and working on entrepreneurial ideas. As such, the blog must evolve and that’s what the following sections are all about.

Part 3. The New Layout

I spent the past 2 weeks redesigning the blog. I revisited all 4,885 posts and 195 weekly roundups. I decided to keep only the most timeless posts and removed all the weekly roundups as their content was transitory.

I also made the following design changes:

  • The about page has been rewritten and includes a mind map of my interests & activities.
  • All posts are now searchable by category via the left sidebar.
  • Links to personal projects, courses I’m taking, & books I’m reading are available via the right sidebar.
  • A direct link to all of my interviews on Vimeo.

Part 4. Going Forward

Going forward SimoleonSense will be repositioned as my personal blog. This means I will primarily share my own: multidisciplinary content, interviews with interesting people, and personal projects. I will occasionally link to exceptional readings (by others). All uncrystallized thoughts and conversations will take place on Twitter.

I have made all of these changes because I’m confident that creating my own content,  building my own projects, and having “skin in the game” will add more value than following the crowd.

As always thank you for your time & support.

-Miguel Barbosa

P.S. If you have any thoughts, questions, or suggestions. Please leave me your feedback or email me at [my first name]@SimoleonSense.com I promise to respond to all feedback.

P.P.S. I understand that burning the ships might lead to losing many of you as readers. It has been an honor to spend the past 5 years curating the web (for you).

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  1. Hi Miguel

    It’s great the way you have been able to stand back and consider the real purpose of your website and then change a proven formula. I look forward to continuing to follow you, whichever direction you go.

    All the best for 2013 – let’s make it a great one

  2. Miguel,

    Wish you all the best for this year. When I first signed up to your weekly mails, I use to diligently go through all the links of interest to me. After a few weeks, the mails started getting archived to be “seen” later which never happens. I request you to post more on value investing.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  3. Hi. I am a new reader for SimoleonSense and love it. I really think you shouldn’t quit The Weekly Roundup. It has so many interesting and diversified topics, which are a lot beneficial. They also help to identify you a so special guy. Original words are good, but not enough. So, please continue. If you think it a burden, maybe you can shorten the list or just give the title.

    Jinchun Yang

    • Hello Miguel

      What a shame you are planning to stop the weekly roundup. It was one of my must-read post in my daily google reader review, and probably the one i enjoyed the most. You put information i was never even thinking about, and always make me think in new subjects.

      But this is your baby, it is up to you. Thanks anyway for work doing the weekly round-up. Best wishes!


  4. I loved your weekly roundup – I’d browse older ones since the science was often still current. It allowed me to easily scan articles and I’d often uncover diamonds (that you obviously previously uncovered). Some of these tempted me to explore certain subjects further, and some of these subjects ended influencing me quite a bit as an amateur trainer & policy analist. So, this is not to say: bring it back, because, well, don’t. Follow your passion. But it is to say: 1. I loved it and want to thank you for that service and 2. I don’t think the old weekly roundups were outdated. Many interesting links were there. I’d love it if you made the old posts available for download or put them somewhere else where they don’t interfere with having the site design that you want and that fits your current direction.

  5. Miguel, I think you had the most important and valuable blog on the internet. This was my number one place to finding info on all the topics I find essential.

    I would also wish you continued with your link feasts in some way in the future. But of course, it is impossible if takes your time and you won’t benefit from it.

    I am still interested in your new projects but your curated links was just #1.

    • HI Johan,

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m brainstorming on some possibilities. I’m definitely interested in providing curation the question is at what frequency.

      Happy 2013

      • If you curate at a slower pace I think it might even attract MORE people. I always was stressed that I missed out so much good material since I wanted to check everything.

        If you want to be able to curate daily I wonder if there are some tools that might help you curate from just a few simple clicks from the link you’re at.

        If you curate weekly you could use Evernote maybe.

        Why don’t you make a post about how your work organization went? I always wondered how many people worked with you to curate all those links. If that was you alone, then wow!

        I still hope you keep posting interesting stuff to this page! (Or use Google Plus for it.)

  6. I like the new format – it is much more distilled wisdom and prioritises what we need to read. I have one request – currently you tag the interviews you conduct only as “interviews I’ve conducted” – can you also give it an appropriate category tag such as Behavioral Economics, Wisdom Seeking etc so that the appropriate interviews also turn up when we search by the category? Thanks

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