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Presh Talwalkar at the Mind Your Decisions Blog has a very interesting game theory link festival. He has compiled instances of writers using game theory to explain recent current events. Its quite a list and I have a feeling you will enjoy reading the articles. Below is a preview of the types of articles you will find. Happy Holidays.

Game Theory Type Articles (current event, game theory concept)

1. The Financial Crisis – (Concept of: Tragedy Of The Commons)

“When John Q. Public views the credit crisis, he sees pinstriped bankers getting bailouts and the worst global stock-market slump in more than three decades. Len Fisher sees a game of chicken, an overgrazed pasture, and bankers lighting their own gray trousers on fire.”

2. Madoff Ponzi Scheme – (Concept Of: Prisoner’s Dilemma & Games Of Coordination)

“Only one answer makes sense. Some of those investors must have suspected that he was a cheat but continued to invest because they thought they were benefiting from that cheating.”

3. Yahoo & Financial Takeovers – (Concept Of: Game Of Threats & Brinkmanship)

We recently saw that Yahoo had removed the so called “Severance Benefits” that it had planned to implement were it ever subject to a hostile takeover. In this article, we take a closer look at this mechanism as well as how effective “Poison Pills” like this can be.

4. HPV Vaccine For Cervical Cancer – (Concept Of: A Game Of Incomplete Information & Signaling)

There is an ongoing public health campaign promoting the vaccination of girls against HPV to prevent against genital warts and cervical cancer, but the Yale study showed the public believes that the benefits are outweighed by potential disadvantages. The Yale researchers—Sanjay Basu, a Ph.D. candidate, and Alison Galvani, assistant professor in the Division of Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases— studied how concerns about adolescent promiscuity and everyday economics lead many parents and guardians to not have their children treated.

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