Course: Psychology & Personal Finance

I highly recommend downloading and taking this course on your spare time. All files are included below.  The course covers the contributions of  Dan Ariely, Richard Thaler, and many other authorities on behavioral finance.

Professor Shlomo- Background (Via UCLA)

Shlomo is a Professor at the Anderson Graduate School of Management, UCLA, and Co-Chair of the Interdisciplinary Group on Behavioral Decision Making at UCLA. In addition to working with our Academic Advisory Panel, Shlomo is also a Senior Academic Advisor at Fuller & Thaler and he will help expand our knowledge in the defined contribution and wealth management fields. He has an international reputation for expertise in these fields and has worked as a consultant with many large investment firms for improving the investment behavior of participants in DC plans and the decision-making of professionals in large asset management firms. Shlomo holds a PhD from the Johnson School of Management at Cornell University.

Introduction (Taken From Syllabus)

This course applies behavioral finance to the domestic world. Biases and simplifying “rules of thumb” feature prominently in our real-life decisions, whether we’re choosing which wine to buy or deciding whether to get an MBA. We study the effect of these behavioral influences and consider some ways to adjust for them, helping people spend wisely, invest for the future, and generally live happier lives. We’ll also consider how behavioral principles can turn a profit by developing new financial services and products for consumers.

The class is interactive, so you will be expected to take an active role in group exercises and discussions. Grading will be based on four individual homework assignments and one group project, in which you will design and present a business enterprise that capitalizes on your new behavioral knowledge. Click here for Course Syllabus

Class 1 – Prospect Theory

Class 2 – Heuristics and Biases

Class 3 – Suboptimal Spending

Class 4 – Household Debt

Class 5 – Investment Mistakes

Class 6 – Capital Investments, Human Capital and Managing Risk

Class 7 – Retirement Savings and Planning

Class 8 – Money and Happiness

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