Couples Beware: You can't be happier than your wife

Remember: if happiness levels diverge significantly a future breakup is likely! So either both miserable or both happy but never in opposite directions!

Findings (via C. Guven, C.Senik, H.Stichnoth)

This could explain why assortative mating in terms of happiness is associated with a higher stability of marriage (because spouses do not need to redistribute utility in this case). This also suggests that when spouses “agree” on too unequal a distribution of welfare, this puts the durability of their marriage at risk. From this point of view, public policy should avoid giving spouses incentives that lead to diverging levels of happiness. Individual income and employment have been shown to be among the main determinants of happiness; policies that affect the division of labour inside households should keep this in mind.

“We address the risk of reverse causation by showing that the risk of divorce is statistically associated with the happiness gap in the first year of marriage (for those who are surveyed in the first year of their marriage).”

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04. May 2010 by Miguel Barbosa
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