Conference Videos: Handling Uncertainty In Science

Introduction via (Royal Society & Nick Gogerty)

A highly multi-disciplinary meeting discussing how scientists from a range of disciplines handle the issue of uncertainty in their area of specialisation: i.e. how uncertainty can be characterised, estimated, predicted and communicated. The meeting will also address the question of how decisions are made, and should be made, in the light of scientific uncertainty. An exceptionally eminent set of speakers have agreed to participate.

Some of my favorite talks (via Royal Society & Nick Gogerty)

Science as organised scepticism
Lord May of Oxford OM AC FRS, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, UK
Download May

Uncertainty and probability in physics, old and new
Professor Harvey Brown, University of Oxford, UK
Download Brown

Uncertainty in macroeconomic policy making: art or science?
Mr Mervyn King, Bank of England, UK
Download King

Implications of uncertainty for Government
Rt Hon. Lord Smith of Finsbury, PC, Environment Agency, UK
Download Lord Smith

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