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I found today’s post on Marc Andreessen’s blog. I enjoy how Marc looks at career planning from an investment perspective. Marc uses ideas from books such as The Black Swan and Against the Gods for making career decisions. (Click here to Read the Article and Skip the Introduction)

Article Introduction (Via Pmarca Blog):

The world is an incredibly complex place and everything is changing all the time. You can’t plan your career because you have no idea what’s going to happen in the future. You have no idea what industries you’ll enter, what companies you’ll work for, what roles you’ll have, where you’ll live, or what you will ultimately contribute to the world. You’ll change, industries will change, the world will change, and you can’t possibly predict any of it.

Article Excerpts (Via Pmarca Blog)

“Dont Plan your Career”

“Instead of planning your career, focus on developing skills and pursuing opportunities.”

“I believe you should look at your career as a portfolio of jobs/roles/opportunities.”

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