Behavioral Economics: Past, Present, Future

This is a very solid primer on behavioral economics.

Introduction (Via Camerer & Loewenstein)

Behavioral economics increases the explanatory power of economics by providing it with more realistic psychological foundations. This book consists of representative recent articles in behavioral economics.1 This chapter is intended to provide an introduction to the approach and methods of behavioral economics, and to some of its major findings, applications, and promising new directions. It also seeks to fill some unavoidable gaps in the chapters’ coverage of topics.

Topics Covered (Via Camerer & Loewenstein)

1. What Behavioral Economics Tries To Do
2. Evaluating Behavioral Economics
3. The Historical Context Of Behavioral Economics
4. The Methods Of Behavioral Economics
5. Basic Concepts and Research Findings
6. Applications Of Behavioral Economics
7. New Foundations Of Behavioral Economics

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