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Warren Buffett once said, “the key to life is figuring out who to be the batboy for”. Charlie Munger, added to Warren’s words by stressing the importance of learning from direct and indirect experience. Today, I would like to share with you several websites that will help you learn indirectly. On these websites you will find talks from some of the greatest minds. (Note: If you like watching TED talks you will also enjoy these websites.)

Listing of Websites to Build Worldly Wisdom

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1. BilConference (click here to visit BilConference)

2. BigThink (click here to visit BigThink)

3. BookTV (click here to visit BookTv)

4. EarIdeas (click here to visit EarIdeas)

5. Frontline (click here to visit Frontline)

6. Fora.TV (click here to visit Fora.TV)

7. GlobeForum (click here to visit GlobeForum)

8. LongNow (click here to visit LongNow)

9. Oculture (click here to visit oculture)

10. MSRI (click here to visit MSRI)

11. MITworld (click here to visit MITworld)

12. PopTech (click here to visit PopTech)

13. RoyalSociety (click here to visit RoyalSociety)

14. Scitalks (click here to visit Scitalks)

15. Uchannel (click here to visit Uchannel)

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16. September 2008 by Miguel Barbosa
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