BBC Documentary: The History Of Gold

The perfect documentary for a relaxing weekend. Enjoy!

Introduction (Via BBC)

Nick Rankin unlocks the history and enduring fascination of the rare yellow metal that has been integral to economic exchange systems for millennia.

From King Midas to gold-rushes, from bling to Wall Street, this three-part feature series takes in the global realities and rich symbolism of the coveted mineral that shines on us all.

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Part One of the story of gold looks at the effect gold has on us as human beings – from the mythical story of King Midas through Wagner’s Ring Cycle and the films such as Goldfinger and The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre.

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In part two, Nick descends into the deepest goldmine in the world – TauTona in South Africa. 5,000 miners extract gold up to four kilometres under the surface but for every tonne of ore they take out, there is only eight grammes of gold to be found. Nick talks to miners about their lives underground and learns about the real price of gold.

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In part three, Nick Rankin explores how we assess the value of gold. From Olympic winners’ medals to “bling”, gold is everywhere. There is a dollar’s worth of gold in every mobile phone. With the price of the metal going up in recent years, the documentary examines why more and more people have got gold on their minds.

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