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As I’ve written about several times, I’m a huge fan web applications at the intersection of open data, information visualization, and accounting/econ/finance. I just found an article via the NYT, titled, A Harvest of Company Details All in One Basket.  This article highlights several tools and companies that I have been tracking for a while. These are tools that I think will be heavily used by data journalists, investors, & regulators in the years to come. Here are some of my favorite finds by category.

Filings – Research & Analysis:

1. Rank&Filed – By Maris Jensen – A tool which is the Sec’s edgar database for humans. Maris has jumped through a lot of hoops to get this working. She reminds me a lot of Michelle Leder of Footnoted. The website is outstanding as it combines data viz using d3 along with sec filings.

2. Open Corporates – By Chris Taggart and Rob McKinnon – It has the aims of creating a URL with such data for every corporate entity in the world, importing government data relating to companies and matching it to specific companies

3. Enigma – Connecting data across various platforms to make sense of the world.

4. Kensho – Intelligent Market Research Assistant that can answer complex financial questions. Think of it as Siri for Finance.

5. BamSec – Helping people track & organize sec filings

Note Taking:

 SECLive:  Think of it as Evernote for sec filings. You can read filings while also taking notes and exporting data directly to excel.

MackeyRMS: Super high end Evernote for investors.

Investment Research & Data Visualization:

ValueOutlook: A tool for helping value investors identify investment opportunities.

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17. March 2014 by Miguel Barbosa
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