Asset Prices Booms & Monetary Policy

Abstract (Via ECB)

The paper aims at deriving some stylised facts for financial, real, and monetary policy developments during asset price booms. We observe various macroeconomic variables in a pre-boom, boom and post-boom phase. Not all booms lead to large output losses. We analyse the differences between highcost and low-cost booms. High-cost booms are clearly those in which real estate prices and investment crash in the post-boom periods. In general it is difficult to distinguish a high-cost from a low-cost boom at an early stage. However, high-cost booms seem to follow very rapid growth in the real money and real credit stocks just before the boom and at the early stages of a boom. There is also evidence that high-cost booms are associated with significantly looser monetary policy conditions over the boom period, especially towards the late stage of a boom. We finally discuss the results with regard to the theoretical literature

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26. March 2010 by Miguel Barbosa
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