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I haven’t posted in a long time but another close group of friends are looking for a junior analyst and I want to help them out. If you are interested email them  with your resume, cover letter, and contact information.

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Take a look at the job posting below: 


Company Description
The firm is Chicago-based operating a long-biased, equity hedge fund committed to long-term capital growth and preservation. The Fund has a long-term time horizon, invests globally and is value oriented. The fund has a “go anywhere” mandate that is agnostic to geography, sector and benchmark. The firm maintains a reasonably concentrated portfolio of well researched investments on both the long and short side.  We use fundamental analysis to invest in mispriced and overlooked companies.

Job description
We are looking for an Analyst to join our small and tight knit investment team. The Analyst will work directly with the Portfolio Manager to perform both quantitative and qualitative due diligence.   This will include financial modeling, “investigative journalism” and industry analysis.  Ideal candidate would be more junior, but open to various experience levels.  A strong passion and interest in learning the craft of value investing is a requirement.

Next Steps

Email with your resume, cover letter, and contact information.

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17. April 2016 by Miguel Barbosa
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