Announcing: Interviews for Investors + An Interview on Quantitative Investing

Dear Friends,

I’m excited to announce a new venture called Interviews for Investors which will provide sophisticated investors with high quality long form interviews. I created this website to fill the “quality conversation” void perpetuated by mainstream financial news sites.

To kickstart the new website. I present a free interview on Quantitative Value Investing with Toby Carlise & Wes Gray. This interview is approximately 20 pages long and covers:

  • Automating low-risk value strategies.
  • Building a quantitative value models using a checklists.
  • Identifying behavioral factors inhibiting investors from applying quantitative value techniques.
  • Comments on Joel Greenblatt’s Magic Formula


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Types of Interviews/Products:

Free Transcripts – Transcripts where I personally cover the costs of production.

Premium Transcripts – Transcripts purchased by loyal readers to help me cover costs of production.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Business
  • Decision Making
  • Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital
  • Finance & Investing

Typical Guests Include:

  • Entrepreneurs & Business People
  • Gov’t Officials & Regulators
  • Investment Managers
  • Researchers & Scientists

How I pick conversations

From start to finish a typical interview will take about 45-60 hours. Here’s an outline of the process:

  • First, I decide on topics worth exploring.
  • I research these topics. This involves reading encyclopedia entries, periodicals, & textbooks.
  • After researching a topic I pick a theme for the conversation.
  • Next I reach out to people who are working at the intersection of our theme.
  • I research our guest. This involves immersing myself in the guests life and works.
  • I prepare an interview/conversation script.
  • I conduct our conversation and record it.
  • I transcribe and edit the conversation.

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