50 Ways to Be Persuasive

If you have ever attended the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder meetings you have heard Charlie Munger talk about Robert Cialdini and his research on the areas of influence and human misjudgement. Recently, Cialdini has come out with a new book titled Yes: 50 Scientifically proven ways to be more persuasive. Today, I’m linking to a review of Cialdini’s new book.

Overview (Via Neuromarketing Blog)

As the title suggests, Yes! is composed of fifty short chapters. Each begins with the description of a particular line of experimental research that shows something about the way we humans think and make decisions, and segues into a discussion of how one might use that information to be more persuasive. The targets of this persuasion might be employees, bosses, customers, family members, and even oneself.

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07. September 2008 by Miguel Barbosa
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