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Dear readers, I just found 4 books on economics which can be downloaded for free via Mises. Org. I also have two bonus links that I think you will enjoy. ( The titles below contain links to the full versions or you can view all of them here)

1. A Treatise on Currency and Banking, by Condy Raguet (1889).

” Speculation, over trading, and extravagance, are all multiplied, as every new addition of the currency appears to augment what people suppose to be the mass of wealth. More especially is such a state of the currency apt to inflict misery and ruin upon the landholders throughout the country, who, by a rise in the paper money price of land, which they fancy to be a real rise in value, are induced to make purchases, upon credit, by giving mortgages payable at a future day…”

2. A Treatise on Political Economy, by Destutt de Tracy (1817)

” All these bankers, exchangers, agents, lenders, discounters, at least the richest and most accredited amongst them, have a strong tendency to unite themselves into large companies… Government, on their part, are much disposed to favor the establishment of these large companies, and to give them privileges to the detriment of their rivals, and of the public, with the expectation of receiving from them loans, either gratuitous or at a low rate which these never refuse. It is thus that the one sells its protection and the other buys it; and this is already a very great evil.”

3. The Critics of Keynesian Economics, edited by Henry Hazlitt, with essays by Say, Mill, Viner, Knight, Hayek, Modigliani, Anderson, Cortney, Garrett, Hahn, Hutt, Mises, Palyi, and many others.

4. The Clash of Group Interests, But people, even the civic leaders, politicians, and editors, shun any serious occupation with economic studies. They are proud of their ignorance. They are afraid that a familiarity with economics might interfere with the naive self-confidence and complacency with which they repeat slogans picked up by the way.

Bonus links:

1. (Book)-Economics in One Lesson– Henry Hazlitt provides a solid introduction to economics

2. (Research)- The concise encyclopedia of economicsExtensive encyclopedia covering all major economists and their respective works.

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