The Wisdom Of John D Rockefeller

Here are some wise words from John D Rockefeller. In the first passage he talks about his early experiences and the development of his work habits and values. In the second passage, he talks of the importance of saving and keeping a ledger. I hope you find this a fun read.

Article 1Excerpts : Early Experiences- Click Here For Full Version (Via The Rockefeller Archive)

“Soon after, he began to allow me to loan sums of money for him, and meanwhile I was saving a little money from what I could earn myself. I always had a little money. I know of some people, especially young men, who find it very difficult to keep a little money in their pocketbooks. I learned to keep the money, and, as we had a way of saying “it didn’t burn a hole in my pocket.” I was taught that it was the thing to do to keep the money and to take care of it.”
“I could not have done for myself better than I did for my employer. How I wish all young men could know that the way to hold a position is to do just that thing! You who employ young men know that some young men expect to do just as little as they can and are much troubled all the time that they do not get an increase in salary”

“I cared very little about that. I wanted the position and I found myself so much interested in the work. I enjoyed my work, I was happy in it. I had been taught to work from early boyhood and this was so delightful to me – all the method and system of the office.”

” Many such experiences we had all the way along, and though the business increased on every hand it seemed that the successes came comparatively easy, and I dated it all back to, the little beginnings of the training that I got at home and my willingness to work, and the people some way seemed to have confidence in us.”

” And the best wish that I could wish for any of you would be that you should have just such a happy life of work. And you won’t have a happy life if you don’t work.”

Article 2 Excerpts: First Ledger Click Here To Access Full Versoin (Via Rockefeller Archive)

“I spoke just now of the struggle for success. What is success? Is it money? Some of you have all the money you need to provide for your wants. Who is the poorest man in the world? I tell you, the poorest man I know of is the man who has nothing but money, nothing else in the world upon which to devote his ambition and thought. That is the sort of man I consider to be the poorest in the world.”

” “Now let me leave this little word of counsel for you. Keep a little ledger, as I did. Write down in it what you receive, and do not be ashamed to write down what you pay away. See that you pay it away in such a manner that your father or mother may look over your book and see just what you did with your money. It will help you to save money, and that you ought to do.”

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