Restarting in 2017.

Dear Readers,

It has been 4 years since I have actively managed this blog. SimoleonSense started in 2006 with a focus on helping intelligent individuals become well rounded decision makers. It started as an experiment in pursuing multidisciplinary curiosity and I covered topics like behavioral economics, complexity, psychology, philosophy, & value investing. Along the way I interviewed best-selling authors, thinkers, investors and entrepreneurs. At its peak we had approximately 50k unique visitors per month and a very loyal following.

Why I stopped managing SimoleonSense

I stopped managing SimoleonSense (in 2012) to pursue other interests (software development, data science, etc)  which prevented me from blogging on a consistent basis. Most importantly I couldn’t find a way to generate revenue (through the site) in order to make it a full time endeavor.

Restarting SimoleonSense

Since 2012 I have seen many other bloggers develop sustainable business models. Many readers messaged me privately asking me if I would ever return to blogging/curating. My answer was always the same, if it makes “sense” I would restart the site.

I know the time has come to restart my curation and content creation. I’m motivated by the opportunities & risks I see in a variety of fields and I find some of this information to0 important to keep to myself.

Going forward. 

I would like to restart SimoleonSense in 2017 but I’m unsure in what capacity. As such, I would like to experiment for a while until I discover which format, structure, & content makes the most sense (given our audience). During this experimental period I will simply curate and create content that captures my interest and (of course) I will ask you for feedback along the way.

Thanks for reading & happy holidays,

-Miguel Barbosa